Another Fantastic Fun Run!

While “Old Man Winter” kept us indoors, our kids had a great time running laps at Edgcumbe Recreation Center on Friday. All students participated to the best of their ability completing between 16 and 36+ laps around the 1/16th-mile track.

The kids were full of energy as they reviewed the D.R.E.A.M. Team lessons from the last week: Dive In, Be Resourceful, Elevate Others, Attitude Check and Make a Difference. With the music pumping and the crowd of fans cheering, students were all smiles as they made their way around the track.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who manned the water station, ticked off laps and encouraged our runners as well as “Jammin’ Joe” and his team from Apex Fun Run who kept us on track and helped make the event a success.

If you have pictures you’d like to share from the event or questions about collecting your pledges, contact Ann Johnson or Peggy Olson.

It’s Time to Collect Pledges

If your student asked friends and families to sponsor their laps, it’s now time to collect those pledges. Students received a collection envelope on Friday with all the details.

Through all of your efforts, we’re on track to raise over $16,000 to benefit Randolph Heights. Way to go Randolph Heights!

Volunteers Needed

We need a handful of volunteers to help count pledges on Monday, December 14 between 9:30-11:30a at Randolph Heights. It’s best if volunteers can bring a laptop or tablet. If you can help, please contact Peggy Olson.



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