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direct appealWe Need Your Support: Donate Today!

Our PTA is a non-profit organization that supports Randolph Heights’ students, families, teachers and staff by raising monty to enrich learning opportunities and help our students and teachers with special initiatives. The PTA relies on your financial support.

We recognize that not all families are able to contribute financially; donations of time and talent are greatly appreciated! The easiest and most effective way to support Randolph Heights financially is with a cash donation to the PTA through Direct Appeal. You can download a Donation Form or visit GiveMN to make a donation online (note that GiveMN charges approximately 4% for processing online donations).

The PTA fundraising goal for the 2014-15 school year is $35,000 (approximately $70 per student). Achieving this goal will allow the PTA to continue supporting programs most valued by families and teachers. These programs include teacher grants, field trips, all-school events, equipment and services to complement the iPad rollout, core knowledge artist in residence program and scholarships for the 5th grade trip to Eagle Bluff.

To learn more about the opportunities you have to contribute to Randolph Heights, visit Fundraising.


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