Fall Festival: Saturday, Oct 1st Noon-4 p.m.

ffpostercolorFall Festival & All School Reunion   

It’s almost here… our Centennial celebration Fall Festival and All School Reunion! We are thrilled to finally share with you how it has been coming together behind the scenes… thanks for your patience with us, we think you’ll be delighted with what’s in store…

History Exhibit & Alumni Activities

Did we mention it’s the school’s 100th anniversary?! With that comes some extra-special reflection on and homage to our school and alumni. Be sure to make it inside and stop by the cafetorium to look at historic photos, old year books, and share memories. School tours will be guided by our fabulous and knowledgeable 5th gaders. Free cake and punch will be served. Our thanks to P.J. Murphy’s Bakery for sponsoring the cake… YUM! Because we all know it’s not a true party without cake!

The history and alumni activities will be open from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. School tours will begin at noon.

Live Music!

First, and most exciting, we have a band this year! Headlining the event are Bunny Clogs and they will take the stage at 1:30 p.m. and play until 2:15 p.m.

About the band:

Bunny Clogs is Shel Silverstein-meets-Prince surreal dance fun. The debut record, “More! More! More!” is not your run-of-the-mill strummy, folky kids’ record. Part comedy record with weird characters, part dance party with all of the attendent drum loops and house and hip-hop accoutrements, and part subtle message of peace, love and positive gastronomy, Adam Levy’s Bunny Clogs is music for kids of ALL ages.

Bunny Clogs was assembled by Adam Levy of The Honey Dogs. And guess what else… ADAM LEVY attended school at Randolph Heights for 4th through 6th grade back in 1974-1977. How cool is that?! When we initially contacted Adam about Bunny Clogs playing our centennial fall festival and he shared this, he added: “Meeting kids there set my musical career in motion.” What a rad and unexpected connection to have found and a great way to give a nod to the importance of music programming at RHS. For more information about Bunny Clogs, click HERE to visit their Facebook page and HERE to visit their YouTube channel.


We have a lots of activities planned to make our centennial fall festival fun and memorable for the whole family. Here are some of the things we have in store for you:

Carnival Games: Midway Tent with Four Tub Games, 4-in-1 Lane Sport Combo, 4 Player Hippo Game, 4 Pony Hop Race, Giant Inflatable Plinko.  $10 unlimited game wristbands will be available for purchase; limit one prize per wristband/person per game. Wristband includes bounce house and slide.

Bounce House Castle*, Giant Inflatable Slide*, Photo Booth, Face Painting, Pumpkin Painting, and more!

*Children ages 4 and under do not need a wristband for the bounce house or slide. Special times for the “littles” to bounce without the big kids will be noted on the Bounce House Castle sign, but their time is not limited to those slots.

Food & Beverages

We are excited to have the following food trucks joining us: Fun Fare Global Street Eats, Simply Steve’s Food Truck, Mik Mart Ice Cream

There will be soda and water available for purchase. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on school grounds.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are in need of a great many volunteers to execute this event and ensure its success. Please consider volunteering your time by signing up for a shift or two.

Click HERE for the link to sign up via SignUpGenius.com.

You *do NOT* need to create an account, but you will need to add your email address which will make it easier to edit your shift later should you need to. You will receive an automatic shift reminder 2 days prior to the event.

All festival volunteers will receive a limited-edition centennial logo t-shirt with “Volunteer” on the back. We would like our festival attendees to be able to easily identify our festival support team.


  • Q: Is there an admission fee?
    • A: There is no cost to attend the festival; however, there are unlimited game wristbands, face painting, food and beverages, and other items available for purchase. There are several activities that are free to enjoy. All aspects of the event will be clearly signed.
  • Q: Will there be restrooms available outside where all of the activities are located?
    • Yes! We will have restrooms outside, including an ADA restroom and a hand-washing station.
  • Q: The school does not have a parking lot; where do I park?
    • Please park on the neighborhood streets as you would visiting the school for other events. Remember that this is our neighborhood and there are lots of children around.
  • Q: Will there be school apparel available for purchase at the festival?
    • Yes, glad you asked! We will have our limited-edition centennial logo t-shirts ready for you and we think you’ll love ’em. Stop by our info and apparel booth to check them out.
  • Q. Did  you say something about Chinook Books? 
    • A. We sure did! We will be selling the Chinook Book at the info and apparel booth. A portion of the sales go back to RHS. Thanks for purchasing! Visit this post for more information: Chinook Books are Here.
  • Q: Can I bring my own snacks and water?
    • A: Yes, but we hope you will support our concession vendors if you are able to. We all know what it’s like to have hungry “hangry” kids on our hands so feel free to pack a PBJ or bag of pretzels to keep little bellies happy.
  • Q: Was there an event time change?
    • A: There was… we were hoping nobody would notice it was shortened from the original posted time. But we’re not that sneaky. We realized that our initial time-frame was quite lengthy and we wanted to be sure we had the volunteers to appropriately staff the festival so everyone has a great experience.  At the end of the day, we are volunteers working our hardest while trying to balance all of our responsibilities. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we thank for your flexibility and understanding. The PTA can always use more volunteers and we’d love to have you join a committee.
  • Q: I have a food truck/concession connection and would like to participate, who do I contact?
    • A: Terrific! Please email info@rhs-pta.org!
  • Q: I would like to be an event sponsor, is it too late?
    • It’s never too late! Please contact info@rhs-pta.org if you are interested in sponsoring this or any RHS PTA event. We would be thrilled to have your support!

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