We Need Your Support: Donate Today!

Our PTA is a non-profit organization that supports Randolph Heights’ students, families, teachers and staff by raising money to enrich learning opportunities and help our students and teachers with special initiatives. The PTA relies on your financial support. We recognize that not all families are able to contribute financially; donations of your time and talent are greatly appreciated.

The PTA fundraising goal for the 2016-17 centennial school year is $81,000. Achieving this goal will allow the PTA to continue supporting programs most valued by families and teachers and foster community-building for our vibrant students and families to continue to thrive. These programs include, teacher grants, field trips, all-school events, core knowledge music and artist in residence program, equipment and services to complement iPad programming, and scholarships for the 5th grade trip to Eagle Bluff.

There are several fundraisers managed by the PTA, including RHS apparel and concessions at all-school events as well as the following major annual fundraisers, each responsible for a large portion of the PTA’s budget.

Direct Fundraising: year-long

Some families would prefer to support the PTA directly with a cash donation. Your cash donation is tax-deductible and 100% of your contribution directly supports Randolph Heights. Last year, over $8,600 was raised through Direct Appeal. Increased Direct Appeal participation and donations will allow us to reduce the use of professional fundraisers. You can contribute online through PayPal:

Chinook Book: SeptemberChinook Book print and mobile editions contains fantastic coupons that meet specific criteria, and great resources for sustainable living, including: farmers markets, recycling, local biking and transit, clean energy, and green home. Books retail for $22 (RHS keeps $11) and mobile subscriptions are $15 (RHS keeps $7.50). Use three coupons and the book has paid for itself! Purchase in the school office or order via Friday Folder flyer remittance; checks payable to Randolph Heights School. To learn more about the Chinook Book, visit their website by clicking HERE.

Fun Run: November 4

Combining fun physical activity with fundraising, 52% of the funds raised through this new event for 2014 will benefit Randolph Heights. Check out the recent announcement to learn more about this great event and visit to learn about our fundraising partner.

Read-a-Thon: February 

February is “I Love to Read” month and all students are encouraged to read daily and collect pledges from family and friends for time spent reading at home. Prizes are awarded for participation and money earned. All pledges collected will be used to purchase books and artifacts for classroom Core Knowledge collections! This month-long initiative is a student favorite that raises money and has lots of fun along the way. Read-a-Thon combines fostering a life-long love of reading with special “reward” days earned for reading minutes, like last year’s ever-popular Super Hero Day, and culminates in a family movie night at school on March 2 that is free to attend.

Spring Soiree and Silent Auction: April 29

This annual event provides the chance to bid for amazing donated items from families as well as local and national businesses. 100% of proceeds will benefits Randolph Heights. The Silent Auction raised approximately $9,600 last year.

Questions? Have a New Idea?

New strategies for fundraising are always welcome! If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact