Little Free Library at RHS!

Randolph Heights has its very own Little Free Library, built with recycled and reclaimed materials by Rob Curran and his Discovery Club group!

“What inspired me to start this project was seeing these little structures going up all over the Twin Cities,” Rob explained. “My kids and I borrowed a few books from the library near our home and and as I did that I was able to inspect the library. They were fairly simple structures, something my group in DC could tackle and not get in over their heads. I have a hard-working bunch of kids in my group and I knew they would like to create something such as this.”

Rob gathered the materials from leftover projects at his home and nearby construction sites. He cut the large pieces at his house and the students assembled them at school.

“I tried to get each child in the group to get a little hands on time in the construction of the library,” he said. “They did a lot of sawing, drilling, hammering, and measuring. I really stressed safety and responsibility when using any of the tools, not just for themselves but also for those around them.”

Rob said the library took about a month to complete, working about an hour each day for three days per week. “I was hoping to get the project done before the frost set in and we were well ahead of schedule.”

Rob said the process of of building the library was wonderful experience for the the group.

“The group had a great time using the tools and were excited for each step of the project. Each step of the way there was a sense of accomplishment and then excitement as the next step was completed. Along the way they learned some basic construction principles that could be applied to much larger projects.”

“We had a great time making the library,” he said, “[and] we hope that the community around Randolph Heights uses it and enjoys the easy access to books!”

Rob and his DC group will also be registering the library at Little Free Library, where RHS’s library will be listed on their map of all the Little Free Libraries in the world. Thank you Rob and Discovery Club students!

Rob Curran’s Discovery Club group built RHS’s Little Free Library this fall.

Discovery Club Group Five and their Little Free Library. Great job, Group Five!

Signed by the students who built it.

The library waiting to lend and receive books.



  1. mary mccallum says:

    This is fantastic! Great idea and wonderful project. Nice work!

  2. Liz Boyer says:

    Rob and the kids did such a great job on this. It’s so beautifully well-made!

  3. Rob Barros says:

    Awesome Job DC & Mr. Rob! We’ll check it out soon…

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