Mon Feb 10 “What’s the vision for RHS?”

Special Event at our Feb 10th PTA meeting

We will welcome Assistant Area Superintendent, Sharon Freeman, from the SPPS District office to discuss the future of RHS.  Ms. Freeman will share an update on the District’s 5-yr strategic plan “Strong Schools, Strong Communities 2.0” and what it might mean for Randolph Heights. The exciting news is that nobody really knows yet! Why is that exciting? Because the District wants to hear from US – the Randolph Heights community – about what WE want to see in the future. What is most important to you about our school? What would you like to see change in the future for Randolph Heights? How do you envision kids learning in our classrooms in five years? Now is the time to speak up!

Our principal, Dr. Karen Duke, will also share an overview of our school’s funding sources and the budgeting process. She’ll share details about our current budget as well as discuss possibilities for next year.

Please plan to join us: Monday, February 10th at 6pm in the library. Childcare is available for ages 4 and up. Please reserve a spot for your child(ren) by emailing their ages to

Hope you see you there!

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