Randolph Heights Loves Chinook Books!

Randolph Heights Loves Chinook Books!

Not only does the Chinook Book feature nearby places that we love to go to (like French Meadow, the Children’s Museum, Pizza Luce, Bibelot, and many more), but it’s a great fundraiser for the school! We get 50% of all sales!

This year there are 3 ways to order:

  1. Download the app directly to your smartphone for $15. The app is good for 12 months, and begins when you activate it. Follow this link: https://chinook.co/randolphheights
  2. You can also order an app code card, which is nice for gift giving and also runs for 12 months from date of activation. Also $15.
  3. For the best deal, order the paper book with coupons, which ALSO INCLUDES THE APP (so basically, you get double the offers!). Book plus app is $22.

BUT, the Randolph Heights campaign only goes through 11/15 (next week already)!!! So please, stop into the office and get yours soon!


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