RHS Appreciation Week: May 1-5… Find out how to participate!

Appreciate DefinitionRHS Appreciation Week is May 1-5, 2017! Here’s how you can help:

Randolph Heights families and the PTA do Appreciation Week in a big way, and it takes many, many families to make it all happen. Read on to find out how you can be a part of a very fun week of thanking the amazing teachers and staff that make RHS so great.

This year, we’ll celebrate Appreciation Week from May 1-5.

For many years, we have provided breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages for all staff on each day of the week — that’s 10 meals in all, with all the planning, delivery, cooking, shopping, set up and clean up that implies. We also decorate the staff lounge and keep it nice and clean and organized, and coordinate projects for the kids to do, like sidewalk chalking, making door hangers for each door or posters for the halls, and writing cards and thank you notes.

And while that sounds like a lot, it is really quite simple!

Here’s how it works:

Follow this link to an online signup where you can choose a task, meal, or part of a meal, or supplies or money donation you’d like to make. Often several families work together to provide one of the meals — and you can do that with people you know, or just indicate what you’re bringing so others can add on their items. (If you have an idea not on the list, email me atjenthorson@comcast.net and I’ll add it to the signup.)


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll start hearing from me or Lesley Lavery, the Appreciation Week Coordinators, a few times until we get to go time to coordinate all the details.

So you know what you’re getting into (it’s fun and easy, I promise), here are a few details:


For breakfast, plan on 20-25 people eating

For lunch, plan on 45-50 people eating (this is where working with other families is a good idea — you could each bring 1 soup and 1 salad, or 1 pan of lasagna each, just so that it totals up to about that many meals)


The side door on Jefferson (marked Door 6) opens at 6:30 a.m.  Breakfast deliveries can be made using this entrance. Please have breakfast ready to serve at 8:30 a.m. Clean-up helpers should arrive around 9:30 a.m. to package up or consolidate leftovers, wash any serving platters, and tidy up the lounge.


Please have lunch ready to serve at 11:30 a.m. The last lunch ends at 1:25 p.m. Clean up helpers please arrive at 1:30 p.m. to package or consolidate leftovers, wash any serving platters, and tidy up the lounge.


If you are ordering catering, you must be there to meet them and get it set up.

Bring your food before your meal time and set it up buffet style.

Return to retrieve any serving items that are yours.


Don’t like to cook? Can’t be at school to set up food? Don’t worry — there are several other ways you can be involved on the signup, like purchasing paper goods or cleaning supplies and delivering them or just donating money that can be used for other fun activities. One year we had a gift card drawing for each day of the week; that was a big hit!

Please take a minute to check your calendars and the signup and see how you can be involved. Or contact me at jenthorson@comcast.net or 651-308-2760 (text is best) if you have another great idea or questions about how this all works.

Here’s that link again: https://goo.gl/FtDyNL


We look forward to working with you!

Jen Thorson (mom of Noah, 4th, and Owen, RHS grad and 10th grader): 651-308-2760 (text is the fastest way to reach me) or jenthorson@comcast.net

Lesley Lavery (mom of Maya, 1st): 651-356-2507  or meyer.lesley@gmail.com

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