St. Paul Schools Referendum

The St. Paul Schools Referendum renewal will be on the ballot November 6. Please help get the word out that we need everyone to vote yes for St. Paul’s kids.

Seventy-five percent of the $39 million referendum request will continue funding:

  • Pre-kindergarten, commonly referred to as 4-year-old-kindergarten
  • All day kindergarten
  • ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education)
  • Special education
  •  Reduced class sizes in K-12 math and science classes.

And twenty-five percent of the money will be invested in classroom technology.

Of the $39 million, $30 million is a renewal and will not increase homeowners’ taxes. Only the additional $9 million will increase taxes by a small amount:  a median house valued at $150,000 will see an increase of only $5.65 a month.

If the current levy referendum is not renewed, the district will:

  • Lose funding for all-day kindergarten currently available in all 42 elementary schools.
  • Lose funding for Early Childhood Family Education serving 5225 children and 5076 parents in 2011.
  • Be forced to lay off more than 400 teachers
  • Increase class sizes in secondary math and science courses.
  • Cut online learning opportunities.

You can help by getting the word out and talking to your friends and neighbors. Tell them you are supporting the referendum and that you hope they will too. Remind them to turn over their ballots and vote yes for St. Paul kids! You can also sign up to get involved with the Vote Yes campaign, or donate cash to support its efforts.

For more information about the referendum, contact Randolph Height’s District Parent Advisory Council member Marge Isom at or the Vote Yes! campaign.