Volunteers Needed: Destination Imagination Team Coaches

Looking for a creative opportunity to work with a small group of students after school or on weekends? RHS teachers are looking for parent volunteers to manage Destination Imagination teams at Randolph Heights.

What is Destination Imagination (DI)?

DI is a creative problem solving competition, where 5 to 7 kids, typically in grades 3-5, create a skit that meets the criteria of a selected challenge. Students compete in a tournament early in March.

Teams can meet at your convenience after school or on weekends and can meet off-site (e.g., at your or a team member’s home) or at Randolph Heights immediately after the school day. Teams usually meet once a week and need to be up and running by December. Our goal is to have 5 teams representing RHS at the tournament this year.

If you are curious, check out the links below for the DILK website, information on past challenges and a great video of a final DI performance.

Please contact Ashley Cannaday (ashley.cannaday@spps.org) or Beth Tierney (beth.tierney@spps.org) if you have further questions. We can work with you to make a schedule that works for you and your family. The tournament date isn’t posted yet, but we are predicting that it will be March 8th.

To learn more, visit:

Minnesota DI website

Previews of the challenges you choose from:

Video of a live DI tournament performance:

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